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Exercise Freedom

Put a Little Spring in Your Step


Getting back into shape and maintaining an active life style may seem daunting and expensive, but it’s as easy as 30 minutes of exercise five days a week—gym and personal trainer not required. In fact, you probably already have everything you need to stay fit right in your own home. To help open your eyes to the exercise potential already available to you, take a look at this video and follow these easy ways to work out on a budget.

  • Create a household gym: Use canned vegetables, heavy books or jugs filled with water as weights for arm curls. Chairs can double as equipment for crunches and dips, and countertops can serve as an aid for modified pushups. Look around, see what you have available and get creative.   
  • Adjust your routine: Skip elevators and take the stairs, or use a basket instead of a shopping cart when you’re at the grocery store. You can also perform your household chores, like washing the car, doing yardwork or cleaning the kitchen, at a slightly faster pace than you normally would in order to break a sweat.
  • Find the time: As spring warms the air, who needs a treadmill? Wake up a little earlier and head outside for a brisk walk before breakfast. If that doesn’t work, you can also take a “walking” lunch break or explore your neighborhood after dinner. Instead of checking your phone or getting a snack during TV commercials, use the mindless minutes to do some pushups, jumping jacks or sit ups.
  • Design a schedule: Make an exercise plan to help you stick to it. You can find examples online (check out Pinterest for ideas), but be sure to adjust the schedule to make it unique to your needs and capabilities.

Figure out what’s free: Check out your local library, YouTube or the apps available on your phone for workout videos that don’t cost a thing or require any equipment. There are also websites with a variety of fitness routines you can do in your own home. Try Fitness Blender, Blogilates or POPSUGAR Fitness.