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General Health Education Classes


Asthma Class

According to the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), asthma affects 1 out of 4 Americans.  If you or a loved one suffers from asthma, please join us to learn about asthma, asthma triggers, using a peak flow meter, how to create an asthma action plan, proper use of medication(s), and how to prevent attacks.

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Cholesterol Class

Not sure what to do to lower your cholesterol? Come to this informational class to learn about what cholesterol is and how it affects your body. You will learn how you can control your cholesterol by changing eating habits, exercising, and using cholesterol medication.

Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure Class

Come to this educational class to find out why it is important to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control. You will learn what high blood pressure and cholesterol is and how these conditions affects your body. You will learn how you can control your cholesterol and high blood pressure by changing eating habits and exercising

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Common Eye Diseases that Affect Diabetic Patients Class

Participates will learn how uncontrolled sugar levels can affect their vision, the three main illnesses that can cause blindness and resources that can help.  Participants are given a simulator to understand more about the main types of visual impairments.

Diabetes Class

Join this educational class to learn why it is important to take control of your diabetes. You will learn about the different types of diabetes, how it affects your body, and what you can do to live a longer and healthier life.  Learn about how different foods affect your blood sugar and get answers to questions such as “What are carbohydrates?” and “Is sugar-free okay?”

Diabetes & Insulin Class

This class covers an overview of what is diabetes, short and long term complications, nutrition, exercise, and creating a self-management goal. In addition, patients learn what is insulin, the benefits and myths of insulin use, and how to store insulin and dispose of syringes.

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Healthy Living

Adult Nutrition Class

Participants will learn basic nutrition concepts that include information on portion sizes, how to read food labels and the importance of healthy food choices in your diet. Demonstrations on healthy food choices will be provided.

Benefits of Exercise Class

Learn new exercise techniques to help manage your chronic health conditions. Feel strong, reduce your blood glucose levels and improve your cholesterol and blood pressure by participating in low-impact exercises. Before you begin, please ask your health care provider to assess your current fitness level and let us help you accomplish your exercise goal.

Family Nutrition Class

This class will educate families on nutrition, portion sizes for their children, healthy snack ideas, and getting their kids involved with preparing meals.  The children will learn about choosing healthy foods, and learning new exercise activities.

Healthier Living Program

Healthier Living Program is a six-week program for individuals who would like to better manage their chronic condition (s). Sessions are held once a week for about 1.5-2 hours and the topics focus on physical activity, health eating, stress management, realistic goal-setting and how to work closely with your health care provider.

Salsa, Sabor y Salud Program

This educational program for children and parents includes eight interactive sessions on healthy eating and exercise. The purpose of this program is to help families make the choices they need to build healthy lifestyles. Participants will learn about the importance of portion control, the food pyramid, and exercise to achieve a healthy lifestyle for the entire family.

Stress & Depression Class

This Stress & Depression class will provide participants with tools needed to manage stress and depression in their lives.  Topics include: physical and emotional symptoms of stress and depression, what differentiates stress from depression, coping/problem-solving interventions, stress management techniques and how you know if you might be clinically depressed.

Stress Management Class

This class will provide participants with tools needed to manage stress in their lives.  Topics include: what is stress, physical and emotional symptoms of stress, coping/problem-solving interventions, how to manage stress, breathing and visualization exercises and other techniques to aid in alleviating stress. Participants learn that stress is part of life and that healthy choices can help manage stress and prevent serious health problems.

Soy For Your Health Class

Curious about how soy looks, smells and tastes? Then come to this class to learn about the benefits of soy and get nutritious soy recipes that can be included in your daily diet. Participants will also have the chance to sample different soy products such as soy beans, soy milk, and soy shake.

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High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Class

Come to this educational class to find out why it is important to keep your blood pressure under control. You will learn what high blood pressure is and how it affects your body. Get answers to questions such as “What is the DASH diet?” “What is considered low-sodium?” and “Is drinking diet soda okay?”

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One-On-One Smoking Cessation

This unique one-on-one program is for people who are ready to kick the smoking habit. Join us as we help you become smoke-free for life. We will prepare you for the difficult quitting process and teach you coping strategies to deal with physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

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Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program

Prenatal Care: Steps Toward A Healthy Pregnancy

Prenatal care is a very important part of the development of your baby.  Join us to learn about the growth & development of your baby, common discomforts of pregnancy and what to do about them; danger signs during pregnancy and actions to take during complications. This class is the first step towards a healthy pregnancy.

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Eating For Two: Prenatal Nutrition

Learn why eating healthy is so important for you and your baby. You will learn about different minerals and vitamins that you need during pregnancy and what can happen to you and your baby when you don’t get enough of them. You will also learn about food safety and how exercising can help prevent common pregnancy problems such as varicose veins and constipation.

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Are You Ready? Labor & Delivery

Not sure what to expect as your due date approaches? Come to this educational class to get answers to questions like “When should I go to the hospital?” and “Am I in labor?” You will learn common pre-labor signs, what happens during each of the three stages of labor, including how your baby travels through the birth canal, and the different types of pain relief medications.

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You and Your New Baby

This informational class explores what to expect from your newborn and how to meet your baby’s basic needs including diapering, bathing, feeding, and safety issues. You will also learn about recovering from your delivery and about the importance of family planning. This session will help you prepare for the greatest miracle... your newborn.

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Breastfeeding... A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

Learn the positive effects of breastfeeding for you and your baby. Learn the correct way to breastfeed and overcome the problems you may encounter. This course will help answer questions such as, “How will I know my baby is getting enough milk?” and “Why is correct positioning so important?” It will also dispel some of the myths that may keep some moms from breastfeeding. Don’t forget to bring your partner or a family member to the class!

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Immunize By Two, It’s Up To You!

Does your baby really need all those shots? Yes! After all, if you knew you could protect your baby from serious illnesses, wouldn’t you try? Learn about the most common childhood diseases, how they spread, and their symptoms. You will also learn how vaccines work and about the most recent immunization schedule. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask what you want to know about vaccines!

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What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick

This class will offer you general precautions and what-to-do guidelines when your child gets sick. Cases like cuts, scrapes and bruises, burns, poisoning and shock will be discussed with video and handouts. You will receive a checklist of items to make sure you have in your home and useful emergency contact phone numbers.

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Family Planning

With so many birth control options, it is hard to decide which one is right for you. From birth control pills to injections, this class covers all birth control options for you and your partner. Sex education is essential for healthy family life and this class is open to all ages and couples.

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Preparing For The Birth Of Your Baby

This class offers you tools to prepare for the labor & delivery of your baby.  You’ll learn about relaxation and breathing methods; and how to use visualization & focal points.  Participants will also learn the difference between true labor & false labor. Also covered in this class are techniques you can use to ease labor discomforts and different positions you can use during active labor. 

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Postpartum Depression

Approximately 11 to 20 percent of moms experience postpartum depression (PPD) according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This class will introduce PPD, teach you how to identify PPD, review the cause of PPD and basic concepts of depression. Learn more about the three different types of PPD, treatment, and resources you can use for help.

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Breastfeeding Counseling Session

This private breastfeeding counseling session with a Lactation Educator will help you get breastfeeding off to a good start and help you achieve your breastfeeding goals. You will learn how to prevent and/or relieve common breastfeeding problems. You will also receive a breastfeeding starter kit. This is a perfect opportunity to get individualized attention. This one-on-one counseling session is available before or after you deliver your baby.

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Women’s Health

Breast Health

Early Detection is the best protection against breast cancer. Learn about early detection of breast cancer. This session will provide you with the basic anatomy of the breast, self-examination skills, risk factors, and myths about breast cancer. At the same time you will learn what breast cancer is, how to detect early warning signs like lumps and pain in the breast area, and steps to take if you experience such signs or symptoms.

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