Top 6 Tips for Eating Healthy at Home


Food is the one aspect of our health that we can all control. Making decisions to opt for healthy food items isn't always easy, but it can become a habit, and the most convenient place to start is at home. Here are some quick tips for keeping healthy foods on hand:

1. Local Produce is a way to keep fresh food in your house, and support growers in your community at the same time. By buying food at a farmer's market, you accomplish several things at once—walking outdoors, buying locally, and trying out new fruits and veggies.

2. Seasonal Items like fruits or vegetables are healthier than frozen food. Plus seasonal foods are easier on the wallet. You can buy fresh fruit in bulk, and freeze what you don't eat right away.

3. Swap Healthy Snacks come into play when swapping your normal food choices with healthy alternatives. Replace the microwave popcorn with a lighter version. Packaged popcorn usually contains a lot of salt and fat. Try air-popping instead and add toppings at home where you can control how much goes into the bowl.

4. Large-batch foods like a vegetable soup can go in the freezer for future use. You’ll know exactly how much salt went into the soup, unlike the store-bought cans.

5. Add flavor to everything to keep culinary boredom at bay. Hot sauce, spices, herbs and lemon add intense flavors without all the calories. Sweet spices, like cinnamon can curb sugar cravings. Add cinnamon to breakfast cereal or coffee, instead of sugar.

6. Yogurt is a quick and straightforward way to get the recommended amount of calcium into your diet. Read the labels for added sugar or buy plain yogurt and throw a bunch of fresh berries in the bowl or cup. No artificial anything with that method.

Keeping the good stuff in the house can limit the amount of “bad snacks” we eat. For more tips and recipes, visit Healthy Communities Healthy Lives.

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