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Notice to Members About Health Choices

AltaMed Health Services is bound to giving high quality care and services to all of our patients. Our doctor’s and other staff use professionally recognized standards of care when working with patients to handle their care. Our doctors do not allow the chance of getting added money or rewards to hold back or put-off care. 

AltaMed does not:

  • Make it appealing for staff to support blocking care and services.  Doctors' and all other staff’s choices in taking care of people are made based on the right care and help supplied, so long as the person has current coverage. 
  • Reward doctors or other people when they do not allow coverage or care. 
  • Offer money incentives to Utilization Management people that support choices that result in patients not using their health care as it’s supposed to be used and maybe even using less of the health care they deserve.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Member Services Department at 1-866-880-7805.