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Policy & Advocacy at AltaMed

Advocating for the Issues That Matter to Your Family’s Health

AltaMed’s Government Relations Office conducts policy research and analysis of legislation at the federal, state and local government levels. In addition, AltaMed’s government relations office analyzes health policy issues and regulations that impact AltaMed’s patients and the communities we serve.

Our goals are to:

  • Empower patients and staff to advocate for strong and healthy communities.
  • Monitor public policy and provide analysis and advocacy for positions adopted by AltaMed’s Board of Directors.
  • Brief legislators to discuss current health care issues.
  • Network with other social and health care organizations to promote wellness for individuals, their families and their children.
  • Plan AltaMed site visits and educational forums with elected and appointed officials to raise awareness about the health and social services needs within medically underserved areas.
  • Encourage AltaMed staff to actively volunteer in civic activities that promote citizenship, adult education and the importance of voting.

For more information, tips and tools, contact AltaMed’s Government Relations Department at 323-889-7327.

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